August 2019 -Taiwan

Can you believe it, this August was the first time ever that I visited Taiwan, despite the fact that I grew up reading Taiwan literature and listening to Taiwan pop groups!

Also, can you believe that there is no direct flight from London to Taipei?! So although it was technically only a 3 days trip, it took me a full 24 hours to get there and 26 to fly back! But the chance to interact with scholars based in Taiwan made the trip worthwhile indeed!

I first shared my recent interest on the ‘decolonising bioethics in the global age’ at the National Taiwan University College of Medicine. It was part of a half-day conference with Prof. Derrick Kit-sing Au, Dr Saran Chan, Prof. Yali Cong (not in the pic below) and Prof. Daniel Fu-Chang Tsai.


Then we did session on “Ethics in Biomedical Engineering” at WACBE 2019.


Before I flew back, I also had the chance to visit the Research Director of the Risk Society and Policy Research Center at NTU that Professor Kuei Tien Chou (picture  below). It was a pleasant surprise to learn that we both have worked closely with Ulrich Beck, only a decade apart!


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