Teaching evaluation

I think most colleagues in my School were surprised this week when we received Spring module evaluations from students, because we were told that all Spring modules this year will not be evaluated due to strike and the pandemic.

As the Director of Studies, I had to review all the evaluations – as usual, my colleagues rock! Although students were critical of some of learning experience, such as library access, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. I was also really surprised by how much feedback students gave. I could be wrong, but I felt it was more than usual. It’s great to see students more engaged with their study.

My module was rated 4.79 out of 5 this year – Not bad, although this was only the second time my module fell below 4.8! But it was really really heartwarming to read comments like these:


Although I doubt the students are to read this, I still want to say: ‘Thanks everyone, it was every one of you that made this a fun and rewarding experience.’

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