Media and New Editing Roles

Summer is not just for conferences but also for new collaborations and new beginnings.

I was really glad to receive the invitation to join the editorial board of Economy and Society.

I was also delighted to join the book project, Routledge Handbook of Global Political Participation. I’ll lead the sections relating to science and technology and academia’s public engagement efforts. But given my interest in environment/food movements, I may play a secondary role in sections relating to activisms. It will take a couple of years yet before the book hits the shelves but I can assure you that this is an ambitious and truly ‘global’ project. How to decolonise political participation is planned as an independent section, but I have a feeling that it will a thread that run through many contributions.

On the media front, I recorded a short interview for BBC Radio 4’s forthcoming documentary on China’s science. I was cited by Nature in their recent report on the Chinese tenure system as well as the recent controversial male rat pregnancy experiment.

There is another small project that is to take off soon. But I’ll save the excitement for later.

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