BioGovernance Commons Launched!

Over the summer, I’ve founded a BioGovernance Commons, a transnational online policy forum with my two long-term collaborators: Kathleen Vogel at Arizona State University and Ruipeng Lei at Haungzhong University of Science and Technology

This is our response to the negative impacts political tensions have on transnational research collaborations. The aim is to enable continuous interdisciplinary dialogues over governing challenges associated with new and emerging life sciences between the Global North and the Global South. With the primary aim of ‘sharing perspectives on shared challenges’, the community welcomes epistemic diversity and encourages open, collaborative and reflexive examinations in the ethics and good governance of the life sciences.

Every month is dedicated to one key issue in biogovernance and the discussion will be based on three papers selected by core members. There will be two lead discussants, each opening the session with a 5-10 minute talk before the floor is open to all participants. Each reading group will last 60-90 minutes. 

This initiative was launched in late September and we are now organising our third session already!

Currently there are 15 core members to this group. At the moment, these monthly forums are invitation only. However, we will expand our outreach in 2022 and we definitely always welcome new members and new ideas!

If you are interested and want to know more about this forum, please contact me:

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