Public Lecture- Max Planck Institute

I’m thrilled to be invited by Dr Anna Ahlers and the Lise Meitner Research Group to speak at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science’s Trusting Science colloquium on 31 May. I was tasked to address the provocative question -‘Can We Trust Science from China?’ To be honest, when I first received the … Continue reading

Above and Beyond Nomination

I was really delighted to be nominated for the Above and Beyond teaching award this year. Thank you for the anonymise student(s) for this recognition. It’s been a challenging year. COVID restrictions aside, I’ve revamped both the Autumn term undergraduate contemporary social theory module to include postcolonial theories, social movements, and the social theories of … Continue reading

The Ethics of Protecting ‘CRISPR Babies’

You may recall that I’ve established a new research centre at Kent earlier this year. Although the official launch is/was scheduled for September 2022, I’m so pleased to say that journey of making a difference in the world was kicked off by a fantastic international roundtable this March. On 18 March, I convened an international … Continue reading