Science Diplomacy Review Special Issue

I am to organise a panel discussion at the EASST annual conference in Madrid this July, with the aim to expand our understanding of the ‘Track II’ diplomacy by incorporating new initiatives from the Global South. But then I thought, actually one of the best ways to ‘de-colonise’ our epistemology is to directly participate in discussions in the Global South, and more importantly, help to make it more visible!

Thus, in addition to this Europe-based panel, I’m super excited to announce that we (the Centre of Global Science and Epistemic Justice) and the Research and Information System for Developing Countries (RIS), an autonomous independent policy research think tank with India’s Ministry of External Affairs are to collaborate on a special issue for the peer-reviewed and open access journal, Science Diplomacy Review (SDR).

We invite contributions that unpack the idea of ‘science diplomacy’ through examinations on past and emerging experiences. What does it mean to different communities? Who are the emerging actors and leaders? What are the new norms and expectations of science diplomacy in global politics? What are its real-life impacts, both in relation to the wellbeing of communities and to the development of science and innovation? Papers that focus on non-state actors and/or from the Global South perspectives, and papers with novel research methods are particularly welcome.

We accept both full research articles (4000 to 5,000-words) and shorter articles (book or event review) and commentaries (1,500-3,000 words).

Deadline for submission: Tuesday 2 August 2022

Please see the full call and Guidelines of Authors hereCfP-New Dimensions of Science-Diplomacy

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