New Article on Decolonising Science Governance

It’s so great to see my Critical Policy Studies (CPS) article on decolonisation out in March, during a series of events in which I was putting what I argued in the paper in practice .

The paper, Decolonizing the Temporal and Relational Assumptions in Contemporary Science and Science Policies, captures a number of conceptual tools that I’ve been exploring since publication of my Manchester University Press book in 2022. You can find the full article here.

I’m also excited that I’ll be presenting at the panel “Beyond Critical? Decolonialising Policy Studies organised by CPS editing team at the 6th International Conference on Public Policy in Toronto this June. But I won’t be presenting the above paper. Instead I’ll be sharing new reflections from an ongoing Stem Cell Donor project that I’m collaborating with colleagues at Kent. The paper is titled Fighting the ‘Silent Crisis’ with ‘Polyphonic Relatedness’: A Feminist and Decolonial Approach towards Mobilising Black Communities in the UK. An extended version of the paper will also be featured in an upcoming special issue of Asian Biotechnology & Development Review.

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