Dec 2019 – Climate Science Legacies

Before Christmas, I spoke at the conference, Climate Science Legacies and Contemporary Climate Policy & Action, at the University of Birmingham’s Brussels research office. It was a real delight to know Jon Oldfield, the conference organiser, and an expert on Russian environmental politics and his AHRC project Soviet Climate Science and Its Intellectual Legacies.  It was a one-day conference, packed … Continue reading

Dec 2019 – ENGAGE 2019

You may find it odd, but one of my favourite annual conferences in the UK is the Engage series hosted by the National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE). Although the conference seems to be mainly for public engagement professionals, I always find it extremely informative and insightful for anyone who is interested in Science and … Continue reading

Dec 2019 – Royal Society SPEAC Discussion

It was a real pleasure to give a short talk at the Royal Society’s Science Policy Expert Advisory Committee (SPEAC) Christmas dinner. Charles Parton (OBE) and I each provided our views on how to promote accountable and productive international science collaborations, especially in relation to China. It was a rare opportunity to discuss transnational research … Continue reading

Dec 2019 – UCU Strikes Back & SOAS

At the beginning of December, I had a dilemma: I’ve agreed a while back to give a seminar at the SOAS China Institute, but then there was the UCU strike. At Kent, or more specifically, at SSPSSR, my colleagues and I were protesting on universities’ failure to make improvements on pay, equality, casualisation and workloads. To … Continue reading

Nov 2019 – PEALS 20th Anniversary Seminar

It was a real pleasure to be able to contribute to the series of event celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the founding of PEALS centre at Newcastle University. And thanks to PEALS’s amazing organisation, besides the seminar, I had a full day of discussion with various staff beforehand. The day ended with a colleague thanking me … Continue reading

Oct 2019 – iGEM

Yes it’s THAT time of the year again! Another iGEM Jamboree! Another get-together of the Human Practices committee in Boston. This was not my first year to attend iGEM but my first year to act as judge – a steep learning curve! It happened that the day before the Jamboree was Halloween. Instead of trick-o-treating, … Continue reading

Oct 2019 – World Conference on Scientific Literacy

Delighted to give a presentation at the World Conference on Scientific Literacy in Beijing this October at the invitation of China’s Research Institute for Science Popularisation. Hosting these international events may be the best way to speed up the creation of a more transparent and engaging research culture in China. At the end of the … Continue reading

Oct 2019 – Newton Workshop

In October, the six of us (see below) pulled off a very successful interdisciplinary and cross-cultural workshop on ‘Promoting Social Embeddedness of New Biotechnologies:Co-Developing Public Engagement in and with China’ , funded by the Newton Fund. – No modesty reserved, as we had a group of wonderful delegates from China and the UK. I’m confident … Continue reading

Sept 2019 – 4S New Orlean

(group photo from Session 1) Thanks to everyone who contributed to the two sessions on  ‘Decolonizing Science: Where Have We Gotten To’ at the 4S annual meeting in New Orleans! The discussions further confirms how many epistemic hurdles the Global South collectively need to cross.

August 2019 -Taiwan

Can you believe it, this August was the first time ever that I visited Taiwan, despite the fact that I grew up reading Taiwan literature and listening to Taiwan pop groups! Also, can you believe that there is no direct flight from London to Taipei?! So although it was technically only a 3 days trip, it … Continue reading