Science Participation in Brazil

Another event I organised recently was an ISRF funded forum on ‘Citizen science and Our Social-Technical Future: A Brazilian Perspective’, you can now watch the main talks on Youtube It was so wonderful to have an almost 150-minute discussion with leaders of the citizen science movement in São Paulo. The recording can be found on Youtube. At the … Continue reading

Recent Work Relating to Human Genome Editing

It was a privilege to be a main speaker again at the Third International Summit on Human Genome Editing on 6-8 March 2023 at the Francis Crick Institute. It was also a great pleasure to meet up with so many friends that I haven’t been able to see for quite a long time due to COVID. … Continue reading

BioGovernance Commons Session on CRISPR

The first two months of 2023 were exceptionally intense for me. One main reason was that I, and Prof. Ruipeng Lei in China co-organised another BioGovernance Commons session on 11 Feburary. It was the first time that Jiankui He agreed to speak at a open discussion with Chinese academics on CRISPR technology since his release from prison. … Continue reading

Book Launches at RoRI and UCL

It was a real delight to have an online launch of my co-authored book, the Elephant and Dragon in Contemporary Life Science: A Call for Decolonising Global Governance at the Research on Research Institute (RoRI) University of Sheffield on 20th October. Given the book’s intention is to reframe how responsible innovation can be more effectively promoted … Continue reading

Main Stage at QED

I was thrilled to be invited to be a main stage speaker for the QED: Question, Explore, Discover annual convention in …2020. I was even more thrilled for QED to resume after the pandemic and I can finally take part of this event that I’ve heard so many great things about. (In short, QED is an … Continue reading

Talk at the International Conference on Genomics

My Halloween weekend had a very appropriate start this year: I was invited to kick off the on the ethics sessions for the Annual Meeting of the International Conference on Genomics with a talk on the ‘Frankenstein framing’ on Saturday 29th Oct. At the time, I was travelling in Manchester to deliver a main stage session on the … Continue reading

iGEM Responsibility Conference

It was great to join iGEM in person again after two years. It was even more amazing to see how iGEM has upped the game – again! Not only is the new venue much more open (and environment friendly), but also, this year, iGEM hosted a parallel Responsibility Conference. I was delighted to be part … Continue reading

BioGovernance Commons Concluding Forums

After 12 months and as the world is resuming normality, I’d like to think that ‘Season 1’ of our BioGovernance Commons initiative is coming to an end (more information about this initiative see our recent article in Issues in Science and Technology). That is, rather than online monthly meetings, we can continue the dialogue with … Continue reading

Can We Trust Science from China? Recording Available Online

‘Can We Trust Science from China?’ – This may be a question that is haunting many, including those who ‘want’ to have confidence in China’s science. Here is my take on this question back in May in Berlin. I was delighted to be able to provide some new perspective on this controversial topic. I thoroughly … Continue reading

Science Diplomacy Review Special Issue

I am to organise a panel discussion at the EASST annual conference in Madrid this July, with the aim to expand our understanding of the ‘Track II’ diplomacy by incorporating new initiatives from the Global South. But then I thought, actually one of the best ways to ‘de-colonise’ our epistemology is to directly participate in … Continue reading