I have been a free-lance contributor for several major media outlets in China since 1997. My biographical novel, A 12-Year-Old’s Studying Experience in the US (12岁我到美国读中学), was published by China’s Children and Juvenile Publishing House (中国少年儿童出版社) in June 1999, and has since been reprinted three times.

In April 2011, while I was working at the LSE, I was invited by the Chinese newspaper, People’s Daily (Overseas Edition) (人民日报海外版), to start a weekly column on a British/European perspective on higher education. I was intrigued by this rare opportunity and, for a number of reasons, I originally thought this must be a short-lived column. As it turns out, the column, Small World (一桌一椅一世界), has been very well received among overseas Chinese audience. I have been told that it is the longest running column in the People’s Daily’s history. The column is heading into its fifth year. A full list of entries can be found here (in Chinese).

To date, I have been interviewed by more than 20 media outlets, including Weekendavisen(Denmark), China Central Television, Beijing Radio Station, as well as the Chinese edition of Cosmopolitan and Madame Figaro magazines.

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