Latest Book


Zhang, J. Y. (2017) 小世界:在欧洲做学术的注脚(Small World: Footnotes to Academic Observations), Beijing: 三联书店 SDX Joint Publishing Company ~[Listed as one of the Impactful Books (non-fiction/popular science category) of 2017]



Zhang, J. Y. and Barr, M (2013) Green Politics in China: Environmental Governance and State-Society Relations, London: Pluto Press ~[‘This book should be read by all those with an interest in the future of our planet’- Tony Saich, Professor of International Affairs, Harvard University]


Zhang, J. Y. (2012) The Cosmopolitanization of Science: Stem Cell Governance in China, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan ~[Nominated for the BSA Philip Abrams Memorial Prize]

Journal Articles

Xie, L. and Zhang, J. Y. (2020) ‘”Just sustainability” or just sustainability? Shanghai’s failed drive for global excellence’. Society and Natural Resources,  ~ [A Bourdieuian lens on the subaltern struggle with sustainability]

Zhang, J. Y. and Barr, M. (2019) The Transformative Power of Commoning and Alternative Food Networks‘. Environmental Politics, 28(4), 771-789. [PDF] ~ [Why we need to combine the commoning framework and social movement theories to make visible the constituent effects of AFNs]

Zhang, J. Y. (2018). ‘Cosmopolitan Risk Community in a Bowl: A Case Study of China’s Good Food Movement‘. Journal of Risk Research, 21:68-82. [PDF]~ [What Ulrich Beck got wrong about the coming together of a cosmopolitan community in the face of collective risk]

Zhang, J. Y. (2018). ‘How to be modern? The social negotiation of ‘good food’ in contemporary China‘. Sociology, 52(1) 150–165. [PDF]  [Shortlisted for 2019 SAGE Prize for Innovation/Excellence]

Zhang, J. Y. (2017). ‘Lost in Translation? Accountability and Governance of Clinical Stem Cell Research in China‘. Regenerative Medicine, 12(6), 647–656. [PDF]~ [China’s ‘post-hoc’ pragmatism and its unintended side-effects]

Zhang, J. Y. (2017). Transparency Is a Growth Industry’, Nature, 545, S65. [PDF]

Zhang, J. Y. (2015).The ‘credibility paradox’ in China’s science communication: Views from scientific practitioners. Public Understanding of Science, 24(8), 913-927 [PDF]~ [How even in authoritarian societies, ‘civic’ epistemology plays a significant role in validating scientific knowledge]

Zhang, J. Y. (2015) Cosmopolitan Risk Community and China’s Climate Governance‘, European Journal of Social Theory. 18(3), 327-342 ~[How engaging with the intersectionality of the cosmopolitan space help to decipher the power dynamic in collective problem solving]

Zhang, J. Y. and Barr, M. (2013) ‘Recasting Subjectivity Through the Lenses: New Forms of Environmental Mobilisation in China, Environmental Politics, 22(5), 849-865 [PDF] ~ [Visual images are not merely exhibiting but also producing new forms of subjectivity]

Beck, U; Blok A; Tyfield D and Zhang, J. Y. (2013) Cosmopolitan Communities of Climate Risk: Conceptual and Empirical Suggestions for a New Research Agenda, Global Networks, 13(1), 1-21

Zhang, J. Y. (2012) ‘The Art of Trans-boundary Governance of Synthetic Biology’, Systems and Synthetic Biology, 7(3), 107-114 [PDF]

Zhang, J. Y. and Arnoldi, J. (2012) ‘The dual reality in the institutionalization of the Chinese knowledge economy’, International Journal of Chinese Culture and Management, 3(2), 160-173 [PDF]

Zhang, J. Y. (2011) ‘The “National” and “Cosmos”: The emergence of synthetic biology in China‘. EMBO Reports, 12(4), 302-6 [PDF]

Zhang, J. Y. (2011) ‘Scientific institutions and effective governance: a case study of Chinese stem cell research’. New Genetics and Society, 30(2): 193-207 [PDF]

Zhang, J. Y. (2010) ‘Is the cosmopolitanization of science emerging in China?  Études Internationales. 41, 571-595 [PDF]

Zhang, J. Y. (2010) ‘The cosmopolitanization of science: Experience from China’s stem cell scientists’. Soziale Welt (Special issue in English). 61: 255-274 [PDF]

Zhang, J. Y. (2010) ‘The organization of scientists and its relation to scientific productivity: Perceptions of Chinese stem cell researchers’, Biosocieties. 5(2): 219-235  [PDF]

Policy & Project reports

Zhang, J. Y. He, G. Zhang, W. (2019) ‘Overturning the “doing-comes-before-talking” mentality, building China’s leadership in global science governance’. Zhanlve Yanjiu Cankao战略研究参考 (内参, Internal Policy Recommendation to China’s Ministry of Science and Technology). 386, 1-4

Zhang, J. Y. (2018) Governing Scientific Accountability in China. Final Report of the ESRC Research Project. Canterbury: GSA-China.[PDF] 

Zhang, J.Y.  Marris, C. and Rose, N. (2011) The Transnational Governance of Synthetic Biology: Scientific uncertainty, cross-borderness and the ‘art’ of governance. BIOS Working Paper prepared for the Royal Society Science Policy Centre (UK), May 2011 [PDF]

Book chapters 

Zhang, J. Y. (2021) ‘The Dual Role of Risk in Mitigating Socio-Political Inequality: A Case Study on the Cosmopolitanization of Science’. in: Curran, D. eds, Handbook on Risk and Inequality. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing.

Zhang, J. Y. (2020) Globalisation, Cosmopolitanisation and a New Research Agenda. In: Rossi, I, eds. Challenges of Globalization and Prospects for an Inter-civilizational World Order.  Springer. 

Zhang, J. Y. (2017). Relaciones entre el Estado y las ONG en China: Una simbiosis controvertida. in: Bringel, B. and Pleyers, G. eds. Movimientos sociales en los años 2010: crisis, indignación y polarización. Buenos Aires: CLACSO.

Zhang, J. Y. (2014) ‘Synethsizing the “national” and the “cosmos”: the case of life sciences in China’, in Yasemin Soysal eds. Transnational Trajectories in East Asia: Nation, Citizenship and Region, New York: Routledge

Zhang, J. Y. (2014) ‘Does Chine Offer a New Paradigm for Doing Science?’ in David Kerr eds. China’s Many Dreams: Comparative Perspectives on China’s Search for National Rejuvenation. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan

Beck, U. and Zhang, J. Y. (2012) Reflexivity in Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Globalization, Published Online: 29 Feb 2012

Lentzos, F; Cockerton C; Finlay S; Hamilton R.A.; Zhang J.Y. and Rose, N. (2012) ‘The Societal Impact of Synthetic Biology’, in Baldwin et al (eds) Synthetic Biology: A Primer. London: Imperial College Press

Barr, M and Zhang, J. Y. (2010) China: bioethics education, biosecurity,and the rise of its science’ inB. Rappert ed.Ethics, Education, and the Life Sciences, Canberra: Australian National University Press.  [PDF]

Zhang, J. Y. (2009) ‘The Regulation of China’s Stem Cell Research in the Context of Cosmopolitanization’, in O. Doering ed. Life Sciences in Translation: A Sino-European Dialogue on Ethical Governance of the Life Sciences, London: BIONET

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