Climate change and the life sciences are arguably two of the most significant forces in defining the world’s biological future. China is increasingly seen as a key actor in the formation and deliverance of transnational initiatives in both fields. I have established my expertise on the governance of scientific uncertainty in the nexus of these themes.

I emphasize aligning theoretical frameworks with real-world challenges. My work has fed into the policy making of the Royal Society in the UK and China’s Ministry of Health.

Apart from contributing to a number of European Commission Framework Programme projects, I’ve obtained individual research grants from the ESRC, the Wellcome Trust in the UK and la Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’homme in France.

My research interests are focused on

  • Transnational governance of scientific uncertainties
  • Chinese-European scientific cooperation
  • Cosmopolitanism and Cosmopolianization
  • State-society relations
  • Art-Science interface


I welcome students with interests in the social study of emerging technologies, health, bioethics, scientific governance, climate change or East Asian societies. I currently supervise five PhD students:

  • Ada Cheung – Changing intergenerational support for older people in urban China
  • Tom Douglass – An exploration of pharmaceuticalisation in NICE Clinical Guideline 181
  • Daisy Alero Emoekabu – Environmental policy making and implementation in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Nigerian experience
  • Trent Grassian – Reducing Social Harms Through the Regulation of Animal Agriculture in the EU
  • Mengwei Tu – Chinese middle class migrants in the UK

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