I’ve created and convened the following modules:

  • SO709 Modern Chinese Societies (Undergraduate) 
  • SO627 Sociology of the Global South (Undergraduate)
  • SO938 Technology, Society and Policy (Postgraduate)
  • SO948 Key Texts in the Social Studies of Science (Postgraduate)

Currently, in addition to SO627 and SO938, I’m also convening:

  • SO727 Contemporary Social Theory

In the past, I’ve also convened

  • SO337 Fundamentals of Sociology (Undergraduate)
  • SO832 Critical Social Research: Truth Ethics and Power (Postgraduate)

I’ve co-lectured on

  • SO408 Sociological Theory: The Classics
  • SO602 Social Research Methods
  • SO712 Urban Sociology
  • SA303 Environmental Issues: Social Science Approaches
  • BI803 Biotechnology and Public Affairs (Postgraduate)

PhD Supervision:

To date I’ve supervised 7 PhD candidates to completion (two received University of Kent scholarships and one British Library scholarship). Two have already successfully published their theses into monographs. 5 of them have found academic positions, 3 of which are permanent positions. I welcome students with interests in the social study of emerging technologies, risk governance, alternative food network, social movement, epistemic injustice, environmental politics or state-society relations.

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