Above and Beyond Nomination

I was really delighted to be nominated for the Above and Beyond teaching award this year. Thank you for the anonymise student(s) for this recognition. It’s been a challenging year. COVID restrictions aside, I’ve revamped both the Autumn term undergraduate contemporary social theory module to include postcolonial theories, social movements, and the social theories of … Continue reading

The Ethics of Protecting ‘CRISPR Babies’

You may recall that I’ve established a new research centre at Kent earlier this year. Although the official launch is/was scheduled for September 2022, I’m so pleased to say that journey of making a difference in the world was kicked off by a fantastic international roundtable this March. On 18 March, I convened an international … Continue reading

New Book -Out 15 March!

This book discusses how the global governance of science can be improved in the face of emerging powers. The rise of India’s and China’s life sciences are used as examples. We use the terms ‘elephant’ and ‘dragon’ metaphorically. That is, China and India are both seen as emerging ‘dragons’ and as ‘elephants’. Both countries have … Continue reading

BBC, Nature, MIT Tech Review

It’s been an eventful month for science governance in relation to China. I feel privileged to be able to inform and discuss with various parties on these issues and contribute to promoting accountable international collaborations Here are the media highlights 25 Feb 2022- BBC World Service Science in Action on the US’ ending its China initiative: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/w3ct1l52 (Starting … Continue reading

New Book, New Project, New Centre

It’s been a few busy months but I’m delighted to say that it has also been quite productive. New Book: my next book, Democratic Participation and the Cosmopolitics of Science, is now under contract with Springer. It will be part of their ‘Emerging Globalities and Civilizational Perspectives’ series. I’m quite excited about this writing project, … Continue reading

Decolonizing Risk Sociology

What a better way to kick off the reading week (half term break in UK universities) in a teaching-heavy term than being part of a discussion on decolonisation with leading risk theorists across different time zones? I enjoyed every bit of it which makes me miss in-person meetings. If this were in-person, some the discussions … Continue reading

BioGovernance Commons Launched!

China is the world’s second largest investor in science and a leading research powerhouse. Over the past two decades, the vast government investment in science has propelled China from the ninth-largest biomedical sector in 2006  to the fourth place in 2015, and in 2021 China reached  the second place (after the U.S.)  in biological science. … Continue reading

BBC The World Tonight Interview

I’m a fan of Radio 4’s ‘The World Tonight’, as when I was doing my PhD, this used to be the programme that I fell asleep with! (But nowadays, I listen to almost everything through Pocket Casts which blurs the timeline of all programmes). It was great to be interviewed on this programme and to have a … Continue reading

Kent Sociology – UG Students Make A Difference

I know it’s almost Halloween now, but the beginning of this academic year has been extremely hectic as we experienced a lot of timetabling issues. So finally, I’m able to share with you some of the projects I’ve been involved over the summer. One of them is a mini-series I made on five of our … Continue reading