Getting ready for my project’s final conference!

My ESRC project’s concluding conference, Governing Trust in the Biosciences, is now open for registration. The conference will be held on 22-23 February 2018 at the British Academy in London. It aims to promote cross-cultural dialogues on good governance and effective accountability between China and the UK. The discussion may be of particular interest to people … Continue reading

‘Small World’ Gets More Publicity

My Chinese new book ‘Small World: Footnotes to Academic Observations’ was listed as one of the top 20 ‘Impactful Books’ in the non-fiction/popular science category (above pic). And that was BEFORE the book promotion event in September. It was also a nice surprise to learn that Tongji University‘s library recommended this non-academic book on their … Continue reading

People’s Daily on ‘Small World’

On 5 June, China’s official newspaper, People’s Daily (Overseas Edition) dedicated a special section of four articles to Dr Joy Zhang’s recent book, Small World: Footnotes to Academic Observations (小世界:在欧洲做学术的注脚).  The section features an invited commentary from SSPSSR’s former MA graduate Qing Yang. Intended to ‘extend the Cosmopolitan debate to the Chinese public’, Dr Zhang … Continue reading

‘Transparency Is a Growth Industry’

The 25 May issue of Nature features Dr Joy Zhang’s commentary on the state of Chinese governance of scientific research, ‘Transparency Is a Growth Industry’. China is currently the world’s second largest investor on scientific research and is increasingly seen as an advantageous destination for scientific powers, such as the UK to forge sustained research … Continue reading

China’s central science newspaper reports on Joy Zhang’s work

On 27 March 2017 China’s official science newspaper, Science and Technology Daily, reported on Dr Joy Zhang’s ESRC workshop in Wuhan. The workshop stems from Dr Zhang’s ESRC funded project, ‘Governing Scientific Accountability in China‘. Extensive fieldwork from the study has found that although there is good will from both scientific practitioners and civil society … Continue reading

‘Nobody knows how bright your future will be!’

Before graduating from medical school and switching to sociology, I have worked as a part-time journalist and later an editor for a few Chinese media outlets. It all started with an essay I wrote on commercial branding and society at the age of 16. Editors at the Beijing Youth Daily spotted me and invited me to … Continue reading

Writing – Good Habits

Our PGR Director at SSPSSR is compiling a student information sheet on good academic writing. I and a few other colleagues were asked to each contribute a short paragraph on our writing habits. I have to admit that at first this sounds like an invitation to expose our eccentricity! Anyways, this is my confession: Good academic writing starts … Continue reading

New Grant: Governing Accountability in China’s Life Sciences

I have been awarded by the ESRC Future Research Leaders scheme. In the next three years I will be leading the project titled ‘Governing Accountability in China’s Life Sciences: A Comparative Study of Stem Cell and GM Food Governance’. The idea of this project came out of my previous research on the bioscience industry and … Continue reading

New research collaboration

This May, I was named as an Expert Consultant on the research project, ‘Research on the Ethical Issues and Governing Strategies in Scientific Research’, Commissioned by Department of Policy and Regulation, Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST). My involvement is to contribute to the writing of a position paper and to design and lead a … Continue reading

Blog Entry @ CNN

                  image source: Southern Weekly (China) Recent LPGA tournament in Beijing has once again raised questions about air quality in China. CNN Fareed Zakaria GPS show invited Michael and I to authored a blog entry relating to this . The full content can be found here: